The German based automaker Opel is planning to develop a drop-top version of the Adam, which will make its way onto the market in 2014.

Rumors on Opel planning the Adam Cabrio have been around ever since the model has been unveiled last year but until now we didn’t have a clue on when the model will hit the market. According to the guys at Autocar, the Opel Adam Cabrio (Vauxhall Adam Cabrio) will make its way onto the market next year, as a direct rival for models like the Citroen DS3 Cabrio and Fiat 500C, which means that its roof will be similar to its competition.

The fabric roof will help save room in the cargo space and the rear window will fold down and lay flat above the trunk. The engine options on the Opel Adam Cabrio will most likely be carried over from the regular version of the model, and this means that we will see the 1.2 liter with 70 HP, the 1.4 liter with 87 HP and the 1.4 liter with 100 HP, mated to a five-speed manual transmission. All units will get the ecoFLEX technology package and the start/stop system which is helping cut down CO2 emissions and improve fuel consumption. A new engine lineup, made especially for the Adam Cabrio, will become available later.

Source: Autocar


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