The German based automaker Opel is planning to introduced a convertible version of the Adam, which should get the green light for production quite soon.

The introduction of the Opel Adam Cabrio isn’t taking anyone by surprise and rumors of such a model have been around ever since mid 2012, when the regular version of the car has been unveiled. But the latest rumors are saying that the Opel Adam Cabrio won’t have to wait that long in order to get the green light for production and it seems that the model is just around the corner.

The upcoming Opel Adam Cabrio has already been previewed by the Adam Rocks Concept and it will get an electronically operated soft top, which is similar to the one fitted on the Fiat 500C and on the Citroen DS3 Cabrio. As for the engine options, these are expected to be carried over from the standard car, so the 70 HP (51 kW) 1.2 liter petrol and the 87 HP (64 kW) and 100 HP (74 kW) 1.4 liter petrol will make their way under the model’s hood. Additional detail on the Opel Adam Cabrio are limited for the moment and will probably be released over the following months.

Source: Auto Motor und Sport


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