Opel Adam caught completely undisguised image

The Opel Adam has been recently spotted on the streets with no camouflage on its body and for the first time since it was announced, we can actually see what the model looks like.

The first conclusions drawn from the photos posted below are that the Opel Adam is coming with a new design which doesn’t have anything in common with other models in the range and most likely this is the future of the GM brand. The Opel Adam’s front grille is completely new and it has two horizontal lines “holding” the logo and, together with the headlights, the front fascia of the model is different from anything in the mini European segment.

The small Opel Adam might be made on the same platform as the Corsa but there is no resemblance between the two models. According to rumors which are spreading more and more by the day and no Opel official is either confirming or denying them, the Opel Adam will get a new engine lineup, ranging from 1.0 liters to 1.4 liters, with both three and four cylinders, meeting the Euro 6 emission standards and being 10 percent more fuel efficient thanks to technologies like the direct injection. Judging by its size, 3,70 meters in length, the Opel Adam is closer to the MINI Cooper than the VW Up!, but rather than speculate, we’d better wait for the 2012 Paris Motor Show, in September, where the model will make its official debut.

Photo source: autofacil.es