Opel Adam Rocks Concept going to Geneva Motor Show image

Opel has recently announced its plans to introduce a concept car based on the Adam in Geneva next month, named the Adam Rocks.

After its British brother, Vauxhall, has released the first sketches with the Adam Rocks Concept a few weeks ago, time has come for the German based automaker Opel to do the same thing. The Opel Adam Rocks is showing a three-door convertible model with large wheels and a raised suspension which will eventually be transformed into a production version. The Opel Adam Rocks Concept will be turned into a crossover, which will be based on the smallest vehicle made by Opel yet.

The Opel Adam Rocks is 3.67 meters long and it has a higher and wider stance than the standard version, along with a prominent grille, LED headlights, fabric roof, a special weather application shown on the IntelliLink touch screen and some other interesting goodies, which are expected to make their way onto the final production variant. The engine lineup of the Opel Adam Rocks Concept is expected to be carried over from the standard version, but don’t act too surprised if you will see one or more units developed especially for the model or borrowed from other vehicles in the lineup.