Opel will give the German authorities further information over its emissions software that becomes active under certain circumstances.

General Motors’ Opel representatives have been summoned this week for a meeting with the German officials, after some media reports uncovered that the brand’s Zafira 1.6-liter diesel models have shown irregular emissions levels. Opel confirmed during the talks over the claims that the MPV has an exhaust treatment system that shuts down under certain speed and air pressure conditions, in order to protect the car engine, German Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt revealed. “The investigating committee has doubts about whether this practice is completely justified by the protection of the engine,” he said. “The accusations concern control of the emissions treatment with the Opel Zafira relating to the revolutions, the air pressure and the speed,” Dobrindt added. The investigation committee gave Opel 14 days to provide further technical information about the software.

“I reiterate that our engines conform to the law and do not use illegal software,” Opel Chief Executive Officer Karl-Thomas Neumann said. “We at Opel do not use any illegal software. The German government wants to check this. We will fully support this.”

Fiat was also reportedly asked to have a meeting with the German investigating committee, but there is no news so far on the matter, which is the same one as in Opel’s case. For FCA, the emissions scrutiny targets the 500X, following claims from the Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) green group that the little crossover’s 2.0-liter diesel is over-polluting.

Via Reuters


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