Opel Ampera-e costing more than ever, GM apparently to blame image

While the Chevrolet Bolt has been making itself noticed positively among EV fans in the United States, the same cannot be said about the Ampera-e, its sibling, in Europe.

First and foremost, it’s not because the Opel electric is a bad car – it’s actually the exact same thing with a different badge – but there’s a huge problem with its availability. And to top this out, the German automaker has also revealed it’s going to steeply increase the base price. The issues started for the electric hatchback ever since Opel was sold to the PSA group, with the German brand having a backlog of thousands of orders that are still unfulfilled. Opel even seems to imply that very few vehicles will arrive before 2019.

And further concern comes from reports in Norway – the most important market for electrics on the continent – that prices for the Ampera-e are being hiked by 45,000 NOK (around $5,500). And that’s on top of the natural price increase for the 2018 model year, the newly reported price reaching as far as 349,000 NOK ($43,000) before incentives – as opposed to the initial 289,900 asking price. A similar price increase – of €5,700 – has also been reported in The Netherlands. “I have no problem understanding if people are giving up, annoyed and some (are just) pissed off…This is tough news, not least for our dealers. And of course, also the customers. This is simply the result of GM selling Opel to PSA. Car prices have increased throughout Europe. On Friday they set up the Ampera-e prize with 5,700 euros in the Netherlands,” commented an Opel official.

Via Electrek