Opel Ampera-e’s first market is Norway, whole Europe to follow image

With the country seeing 37 percent of new car sales belonging to the electric segment and after reaching the 100,000 units milestone late last year, nobody can blame an automaker for first delivering an EV in Norway.

This is exactly what Opel did with the Ampera-e, the twin model of Chevrolet’s Bolt, as they chose to first deliver the car to customers in Norway instead of their home market of Germany. Opel’s local division took three units and delivered them to their proud new customers, Turid Høiem, Helmer Teksdal and Bente Østreng next to Oslo’s town hall. “I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time,” declared Bente Østreng, the recipient of the blue Ampera-e. “We are already looking forward to taking it for the first long journey to our cabin in Sweden.”

Which shouldn’t be a problem – the Ampera-e has been rated through the NEDC in Europe at a range of 520 kilometers. Of course, real world conditions will take a toll on this figure, so something akin to almost 400 km is to be expected. Germany and the Netherlands will be the following European markets to get deliveries, with Switzerland to follow later this summer. By the way, after reaching the EV milestone in December 2016, today there are more than 150,000 electric cars on the roads in Norway – a country with a population of 5.3 million.