The plug-in hybrid electric vehicle produced by General Motors, Opel Ampera, is getting ready to leave the production line.

Despite receiving a significant price cut last year, the Opel Ampera still hasn’t managed to improve its sales figures as Europeans don’t seem to be interested in the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle developed by General Motors, for the Old Continent. According to the guys form Automotive News Europe, the Opel Ampera will be axed once the new generation of the Chevrolet Volt will be introduced. The action will be taken after Opel has managed to sell just 3,184 units of the Ampera in 2013 and until May this year, the company has sold just 332 units.

The sales figures aren’t justifying a second generation of the Opel Ampera so if you are into the Opel badge and you like this vehicle, you should probably hurry and place a deposit because 2015 will bring us the new generation of the Chevrolet Volt. The model in question is believed to gain a brand new platform which should improve the ride. The electric only range will also be improved and it will stand at approximately 80 – 100 km (50 – 60 miles). A new entry-level version of the model is also planned and this should reduce its base price. More details on the new Volt remain unknown for the moment.


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