Opel Astra K gains new engine image

Opel has introduced the first details on the brand new 1.4 liter Ecotec unit which will be found on the Astra K.

The German based automaker Opel has released the first details on the new1.4 liter Ecotec engine, which is making its way on the 2016 Astra K. The unit has been described as the bigger brother of the 1.0 liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine, which is found on the Adam and the Corsa, and it is getting four cylinders made from aluminum, producing either 125HP (92 kW) or 150 HP (110 kW), depending on the selected version.

“Our new turbocharged 1.4-liter, four-cylinder engine with central direct injection is part of the newly designer small gasoline engine family and embodies its attributes ‘powerful, efficient and cultivated’. The all-aluminum unit is not only environmentally friendly but also sets new standards in driving comfort,” said Christian Müller, VP GM Powertrain Engineering Europe.

The new engine will be coming with the start/stop technology and it will be allowing the new Astra K to eat just 4.9 liters of fuel every 100 km/h (57.6 mpg UK / 48 mpg US), while emitting 114 g/km of CO2. The noise and vibration have been minimized too by engineers when the unit has been developed and this has already hit the production line in the Szentgotthard facility. Opel hasn’t released any pricing details on the Astra K equipped with this unit at the time.