You might call the Crossland X Opel’s version of the Peugeot 2008, but the German subcompact SUV is fortunately different enough to its French counterpart to warrant your attention – and even brings its own perks.

For example, customers can spec the Opel Crossland X with a thrifty little 1.2-liter engine that can alternatively run on liquefied petroleum gas – it’s fuel efficiency without gambling the future on a diesel acquisition. The new version comes with 81 horsepower (60 kilowatts) from three cylinders and has been mated solely to a five-speed manual gearbox – it’s clearly an acquisition for those on a shoestring budget. The Rüsselsheim-based automaker hasn’t released performance figures – we’re sure they’re not impressive – and instead focused on fuel efficiency statistics.

The new Opel Crossland X version will do 8.4 liters in the city, 6.0 liters extra-urban, and 6.9 liters in the combined cycle when in LPG mode, or 6.8 liters in the city, 4.5 liters extra-urban, and 5.4 liters combined, with CO2 emissions of 123 grams / 100 km when using regular gasoline. With a full tank of gas and 36-liter LPG tank, the small and stylish crossover can go for up to 1,300 kilometers (808 miles) based on the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC). Opel uses a newly developed electronic multivalve system to improve low-fuel driving experience, and there are also hardened valves and valve seat-rings for added durability. Prices in Germany kick off at €21,200 in the Edition trim and at €22,400 for the Innovation version.


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