The Meriva is (almost) no more – a minivan is making way for a new crossover in the Opel range , dubbed the Crossland X and becoming official on Wednesday.

Opel already has a representative in the very popular and fought B-segment crossover in Europe, but the company apparently thinks double the forces might yield double the sales, so we’re just about getting ready to see the new Crossland X accompany the Mokka X in the segment. The new Crossland X will slot in as the replacement for the Meriva MPV, showing the Rüsselsheim-based brand’s desire to take advantage of the popularity of subcompact crossovers. The teaser image we see showcases the subcompact crossover’s front end, which is actually a bit underwhelming since it’s very close to the aforementioned Mokka X.

We’re a bit curious to see how the company will stop the two from cannibalizing sales, as they are apparently very similar. The brand calls the Crossland X a good idea “for people who want to live the country life in town, who grow tomatoes and herbs on the roof garden and need plenty of space for their children and the shopping from the bio supermarket.” We might be getting a more spacious model than the Mokka X, and one getting lots in common (especially in terms of parts and platform) with the upcoming Citroen C3 Picasso, another MPV turning into crossover.


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