Opel decides we need an Astra Sports Tourer history lesson image

The German automaker first detailed the practical brother of the Astra family back in September last year and it has now started accepting orders for the K generation model.

To celebrate the event, the Astra Sports Tourer gets to celebrate the market launch with a peek down the history lane. According to Opel the commotion was initiated back in 1963 when they released the Opel Kadett A as the first station wagon of the brand. It had a spacious trunk (for that period) and even seated six persons thanks to a third row of seats. Just three years on the market still yielded almost 650, 000 deliveries, but it was time to say hello to the Kadett B in 1965. This one was an international hit with 50 percent of sales going to export and reaching 120 markets across the planet. The Kadett C and D swiftly came in 1973 and 1979, adding some 3.8 million sales to the fact sheet. The final Kadett came in 1984 and it won the Car of the Year award. This became the best-selling Opel to date with 3,779,289 units delivered.

The Astra first came to the market back in 1991 and the special Caravan Club had 115 horsepower (85 kilowatts) and an active belt system. The second generation Astra came in 1998 and in 2002 we also had the first flagship Astra OPC Caravan. Now very close to our times we had the Astra H starting from 2004 and the Astra J from 2010. The all-new, lighter 2016 Astra Caravan K premiered during the Frankfurt Motor Show last year and customers can order it starting this month with prices going from 18,260 euros.