Opel Emergency Vehicles for 2014 unveiled image

Opel has officially unveiled the Emergency Vehicle lineup for 2014, which will be presented to the public at this year’s RETTmobil, opening its gates later on this month.

The Opel Insignia Country Tourer pictured below has been created by Opel Special Vehicles GmbH as the model in question has received a bright red exterior finish, LED Front flashing lights, retroreflective rear hazard markers or the two rear warning lights. The cabin of the model is now getting a 230-volt electrical system, ignition override unit or a preliminary setup for the analog and digital radio. Let’s not forget the accident data storage either.

The Opel Insignia Country Tourer has been also converted into a fire brigade command vehicle, besides the emergency medical car mentioned above, and the model in question is now getting the FIRE BRIGADE lettering on the doors and hood and a signaling system on the roof. A customized Opel Vivaro, created to handle transport tasks, along with a special Movano, modified into a disabled transport vehicle, with individual seats and a seat rail system, have been also unveiled. More details on the 2014 Opel Emergency Vehicles will be announced at the RETTmobil, which will officially open its gates on the 14th of May.