Opel Executives Meet to Approve Bochum Plant Closure image

GM’s Opel executives meet today, April 17th, to approve the closure of the Bochum plant, the first German factory to be closed in decades.

After months of tough negotiations the automaker has finally decided on the faith of the 50-year-old plant, Production of the Zafira MPV will be stopped by the end of this year and the plant will be closed at the end of 2014, leaving 3,000 people without jobs.

GM hopes that this restructuring plan will help the company achieve profitability in 2015 and end 15 consecutive years of loss for GM in Europe. Bochum’s labor leaders believe that their colleagues at Opel’s other three plants in Germany were willing to sacrifice this factory to keep their own plants open. Although union representatives are against the plan, it will still be approved if it’s backed by the rest of the board members.

“General Motors said they were willing at most to keep 1,200 people on board, but nothing was set in stone. It never made any concrete binding offer to the workforce, so our entire staff would have had to hope they kept up their end of the bargain,” said Bochum works council head Rainer Einenkel, who also sits on the board of Opel.