Opel expects upgraded design to buoy Corsa sales image

Opel, together with its British sister brand Vauxhall just released into the wild the first pictures of their key subcompact class model – Corsa. With a contemporary styling, the company bets on design to boost dwindling sales.

The upcoming fifth-generation Corsa subcompact, an utterly important model in the economy of Opel/Vauxhall’s recovery from years of losses, has been treated to design cues that put it firmly into the styling language adopted in recent years by the company – even as the changes are not overly dramatic from the current fourth-generation.

“It fits in our design philosophy of sculptural artistry meets German precision,” said Mark Adams, Opel’s design chief.

Judging by sales volume, although the current model hasn’t seen negative sales in the first five months of the year, according to numbers from market researchers JATO Dynamics, Corsa only sold 421 more cars (with a total of 105,728 units) than in the same period last year. Remaining the brand’s bestseller, it was thoroughly below the brand’s 7% increase for the period.

With the help of the new generation, Opel’s goal is to become the second biggest brand in Europe by 2022, behind only Volkswagen. Meanwhile, Opel aims to expand its market share in the region – which includes Russia and Turkey – from the current 5.8 to 8%.

Via Automotive News Europe