Opel Gives Up Plan for EV Version of Adam Minicar image

Opel/Vauxhall gave up plans of creating an electric version of the new Adam, due to high costs.

“It was a business decision,” Opel’s chief engineer for the Adam, Dieter Metz, said. “We could not charge the customer the price needed to make it work on the cost side.”

The automaker was planning to create a working car with the technology of the forthcoming Chevrolet Spark EV minicar. Opel’s head of sales and marketing, Alfred Rieck, said that sale for EVs are low as customers are not willing to pay more for the electric vehicle technology. He added that only if sales for such vehicles will increase, the price will be driven down.

“If you look at the technology that’s available on the market today, it’s very expensive,” he said. “You end up with a certain price of the car and consumers are not interested in it.”

Currently, Opel sales a sister model for the Chevrolet Volt, called the Ampera plug-in hybrid, which has both an electric and a small gasoline engine, which offers additional power when batteries are depleted. Chevrolet plans to launch next year the Spark EV in the US and other several markets. Sales of Adam will begin in January, at the price of 11,500 euro in Germany.