Opel halved loses per car according to study image

A study conducted by the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) at the University of Duisburg-Essen recently concluded that although GM’s European unit still loses money on each vehicle built – it has greatly reduced the losses.

In 2013, according to the study, Opel and its British sister company had a loss of over 600 euros for each car they built – which was more than half compared to a year ago. Though still in the red with its 607 euros loss per car (compared to 1341 in 2012), Opel is way better than Ford’s European unit, which had in 2013 an 891 loss. This is the biggest loss among the researched automakers and also not much of an improvement over 2012’s 967 euros figure.

The Research institute used the results before interest and taxes (EBIT) from each automaker and excluded the financial services, subcontracting activities or motorcycles to find out how profitable is the car unit at each maker.

While Volkswagen only had a profit of 616 euros for the brand’s cars, other automakers fared a lot better, especially when we go to the premium and luxury sectors.

“The VW group is supported by Porsche and Audi, while the classic mass market barely generates income,” says VW’s Ferdinand Dudenhöffer.

While Toyota earned a good profit on each car, of 1588 euros, Mercedes and smart fared better with 2558 euros. The Audi rival is even more profitable – at 3188 euros per car, but BMW bested it with its 3390 euros profit.

Moving to the stratosphere – Porsche makes 16 639 euros from each sold car and the Ferrari-Maserti group manages no less than 23 967 euros.