Opel heading to Techno Classica with eight decades of flagships image

The German automaker will showcase its past and present large models under the “Opel Flagship” motto – showcasing eight decades of flagships, right up to the all-new Insignia.

The company is going to the Techno Classica in Essen, Germany with all flagship models from the past eight decades, starting with the pre-WWII Admiral and ending up with the all-new second generation Insignia. After a decade had passed since the introduction of the Admiral and Super 6 in 1937, the first gen Kapitan appeared and lived on as one of the bestselling six-cylinders in Germany. The example featured for the exhibition is also the two-million Opel unit and as such is adorned with 24-carat gold plated decorative elements.

Opel heading to Techno Classica with eight decades of flagships 11

Going to the mid-1960s, Opel’s upper class had the Kapitan, Admiral, and Diplomat. And the latter, flagship model started getting V8 engines from the United States. Four decades after breathing life into the original Admiral, Opel went out with the Senator, the new flagship version which also had a coupe variant – Monza – and they were the first Opels with an independent rear suspension. After another forty years, the brand has entered a new age with the introduction of the second-generation Insignia sedan and wagon. The models will be appearing in public for the first time at home in Essen after Opel took the wraps off during the Geneva Motor Show.