Jurgen Klopp, a famous football coach if you’re a fan of this part of the world, is among the host of celebrities that have been tapped by Opel to promote their models.

If you didn’t know already, Klopp changed teams last year moving away from Germany where he coached in Dortmund to Liverpool. As he crossed the channel, he didn’t go there alone as General Motors European arm were quick on their feet (most likely they had a heads up) and delivered the same car he used to drive – and Opel Insignia – with the steering now residing on the right-hand side. The shift led to popular quipping such as “Jurgen Klopp may have changed clubs, but not his car,” or “You’ll never drive alone.” As such, given Klopp’s popularity, he has been brought in for a host of commercials to promote Opel and its models.

The newest is being labeled as “Klopp’s new assistant,” because it focuses on the Adaptive Cruise Control of the Insignia, which also has an automatic brake function. For this video, Klopp is talking to actor Ken Duken, who asks the team manager if he pressed the brake to slow down, with Klopp delivering a one-liner: “I still make the decisions.” By the way, if you didn’t know beforehand, the radar-assisted cruise control is a system that allows the car to maintain a safe distance when following a vehicle, automatically adjusting the speed according to the measured distance – meaning that if the front vehicle brakes the car will also do the same – though ultimately the driver is still responsible, aside from anyways having to manage the steering.



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