Opel Insignia and Audi A6 are the winners of the Dekra defects Report for 2011.

The car with the lowest defects rate (“Best Individual results”) is the Opel Insignia (defects index: 96.1 percent). On the second and third place are the Ford Fiesta (95.8 percent) and the Toyota Prius (95.6 percent).

In the second category (“Best of all classes”) the winner for the third consecutive year is the Audi A6 (84.2 percent), the vehicle with the best quality of all the mileage ranges.
Ranked second and third, are the BMW 3 Series (81.7 percent) and the VW Passat (81.1 percent).

According to the report, it was found that the percentage of vehicle defects strongly increases with increasing mileage. In the compact class, for example, inside the 100k-150k km the proportion of deficient vehicles average is 46.3 percent, almost four times higher than in the 0 to 50,000 kilometers (11.9 percent). The proportion of significant deficiencies rises to almost five times the value.



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