The all-new second generation Insignia also received the Grand Sport moniker, but was revealed with front wheel drive – and now it’s also properly equipped for the winter time with AWD and torque vectoring.

Opel will get head to head with a Passat 4Motion thanks to the new system, which still follows the Opel engineers’ desire to keep things as light as possible. So, instead of a regular differential, the Insignia Grand Sport AWD comes with a GKN-developed Twinster arrangement using a rear drive module that has a twin clutch system. The smart system can send torque independently to each wheel – for example the torque vectoring system will deliver more torque to the outside rear wheel when cornering, for better handling.

New Opel Insignia 4x4

The experts from Rüsselsheim also believe the system will make the Insignia Grand Sport safer – featuring yaw damping at all times, and using the torque vectoring system not only when the road surface requires it but also based on the steering angle and throttle position. The driving modes will also have an impact on the system – the driver can go for Touring for high yaw damping or the Sport mode for sharper handling. Opel will start deliveries of the Grand Sport early this year and will follow the sedan with the Sports Tourer introduction – followed by a more adventurous Country Tourer and also the OPC versions.


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