Opel Insignia OPC by MR Car Design is a low-rider image

MR Car Design has presented its latest creation, an upgrade package for the top of the line Opel Insignia OPC.

Since the Vectra was a dull vehicle, Opel managed something extraordinary with its replacement, the Insignia, and even if you won’t probably agree on this, the model is definitely the first choice in its segment. MR Car Design have collaborated with their performance division in order to upgrade the powerful Opel Insignia OPC, and what came out is just stunning. I’m not usually a fan of tuned cars but the low-rider aspect makes you want to take pictures of it and then use them as a background for your desktop. And if you can’t decide which one is better, just use Windows 7 and the slide show option!

But enough is enough and let’s get on with more serious stuff. The Opel Insignia OPC by MR Car Design has received a G-Ride air suspension system, along with a fresh set of 20-inch wheels and a power boost, which was squeezed out of the classic turbocharged V6 engine thanks to an air filter, an exhaust system and a reprogrammed ECU. All of these changes mean an extra 50 HP and 95 Nm of torque compared to the standard version. There is no official word on the price list just yet but then again looking at it is free!