Opel introduces “reinvention” GT Concept image

The German automaker has been highlighting the “reinvention” of the brand as it teased the all new GT Concept and now we can take a look at the handy work as the model has premiered online ahead of the worldwide public debut in March during the Geneva Motor Show.

Opel has quietly delivered a surprise blow to the usual roster of teaser – spy shots (harder here since it’s a concept) – leaks on the web – that preceded important introductions (just think of the E Class). And after just two teasers and more than a month away from the actual global introduction at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show they decided to officially introduce the model online. Now we have a complete gallery with the study and much awaited official information about the GT Concept – which is, as we can clearly see, a study of a two-door baby sports coupe with RWD. The vision presented by the GT Concept is seemingly very far away from the reality of the production model it actually previews – we have a true concept car design with a red domination line that “splits the vehicle body horizontally and proportions it.” We can see the front taking cues from the Monza concept in a bid to ground the styling – and we can safely assume this is the depiction of the lines we’re going to see in future products in that respect.

The side is very distinctive – there’s a very long hood and an interesting rear end with very short overhang. The doors lack any “accessory” – no mirrors, no door handles: the driver and passenger may enter once they do some high-tech stuff on the touchpads integrated in the red signature line of the roof. As for rearview issues, there’s a couple of cameras behind the wheel arches that send the images to a monitors integrated left and right in the cockpit. The company also uses for the headlights the IntelliLux LED technology for “tree-dimensional” lighting.

Opel says the GT Concept is a real sports car – save for the powertrain choice we do tend to agree thanks to the classic (low roof, long bonnet, front mid-engine, rear-wheel drive, mechanical differential lock) proportions. But the engine sitting under that long hood is a mere 1.0-liter 3-cylinder turbo squeaking just 145 horsepower (107 kW) and sending them to the rear wheels via a sequential six-speed transmission complete with shift paddles on the steering wheel. This is good for the 62 mph (100 km/h) sprint in no more than 8 seconds and a maximum speed of 215 km/h.