Opel Karl ecoFLEX image

The new Opel Karl ecoFLEX has been officially introduced by the German based brand.

If you are looking for a new small city cruiser, than the Opel Karl is probably on your wish list but you should know that the car manufacturer is now offering a new version of the model, which has been called the Karl ecoFLEX. Despite sounding all new, this basically looks identical to the standard version, as you can see in the images posted below.

“Small KARL – huge impression: according to Auto Bild (issue 32/2015) the best model in the mini-car class shows real greatness when it comes to the environment. The new Opel entry-level model can now be ordered in the super-economical ecoFLEX version”, says the automaker in its official press release.

The Opel Karl ecoFLEX is making use of a 1.0 liter Ecotec engine, with three cylinders, which is capable of producing a total output of 75 HP (55 kW). The unit has the start / stop system and it is capable of eating up to 4.1 liters of fuel every 100 km, or the equivalent of 68.8 mpg UK or 57.3 mpg US, while emitting just 94 g/km of CO2. The new Opel Karl ecoFLEX is currently available for order in Germany and for this version its future buyers will have to pay at least 9,950 euros. Opel has also announced, beside the introduction of the Karl ecoFLEX, the IntelliLink and OnStar for the small vehicle, which will be offered starting this fall.