General Motors Co’s European division, Opel, plans to shift a large part of its Mokka subcompact SUV production from South Korea to Europe, in Spain, German newspaper Handelsblatt reports citing some insiders from General Motors.

According to the same source, Opel may decide next week if they will assembly the Mokka subcompact in Spain at Planta de Figueruelas , Saragossa.

“GM announced that it will execute engineering examinations to see if there are further production sites for small SUVs in addition to the current possibilities.” an Opel spokesman confirmed for the Wall Street Journal.

The automaker said in April that has already received over 100,000 orders from across Europe, more that was expected when the company introduced the little SUV.

Opel, as many other European automakers, including PSA Peugeot Citroen and FIAT has big problems with overcapacity in the old continent.
Moving some of its production from South Korea to Spain would be the next logical step, considering the fact that in this case, the company would fill up that plant’s spare capacity and could lower losses of the division.

When asked by, a Chevrolet spokesperson declined to comment if there are plans for Trax too to be made in Spain.


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