Opel Meriva is no more – long live the Crossland X image

The German automaker is a little late at the SUV party but it decided to embrace the segment with a bang, delivering a replacement for the Meriva MPV in the form of the Crossland X crossover.

So far the only true representative in the segment from Opel is the Mokka X, but at least we now know for sure Opel is going to replace the Meriva family hauler with the brand new Crossland X CUV (Crossover Utility Vehicle), joining the former in the automaker’s crossover family. Opel describes the new name as “different and exciting,” and says that it “matches the car’s character” – “an exciting new crossover.” The Crossland X should be “as multi-talented as it is stylish” offering “agility and convenience in urban driving, but with enough comfort and performance to cover long distances at the drop of a hat.”

“Customers also want more emotional cars in the B-segment,” comments Opel chief marketing officer Tina Müller. “We are meeting these expectations with the Crossland X, and offering a car with exciting design and the benefits of an SUV for the urban lifestyle – agile around town, confident over long distances.”

The Crossland X has been developed and engineered alongside the next generation Citroen C3 Picasso thanks to the GM – PSA partnership, with the Opel model expected to appear early in 2017 ahead of a worldwide premiere in front of the live audience at the Geneva Motor Show.