Opel Mokka – more images released image

The German based automaker Opel has released more images with the upcoming Corsa based SUV, named the Opel Mokka.

The Opel Mokka is based on the General Motors’ Gamma II platform, just like the Buick Encore, and the platform is also underpinning the future generation of the Corsa but it has also been seen on the new Chevrolet Aveo / Sonic. The Opel Mokka will be coming as a five-seater and it’s 4.280 mm long and about 1.645 mm high, with 1.540 mm front and rear tracks and a 2.555 mm wheelbase. What is mostly interesting about this latest set of images is that for the first time, GM is actually showing us the interior of the upcoming Opel Mokka, which is pretty similar to the Corsa and just as it was expected, the cabin space is limited.

Under the hood, the Opel Mokka is expected to come with a choice of three powerplants, the 1.6 liter naturally aspirated unit, which is generating 117 horsepower, the 1.4 liter petrol turbocharged engine with its 142 horsepower and the 1.7 liter CDTi turbodiesel, which is generating a total output of 132 horsepower and it has a peak torque of 221 lb-ft. The upcoming model will get standard featurs like the hill descent control, hill start assist, adaptive forward lighting, traction control, electronic stability control and 18 inch alloy wheels.