Opel Moves Zafira Production to the Ruesselsheim plant image

Opel announced it will transfer production of the Zafira model to Ruesselsheim in Germany, as it plans to close the Bochum plant.

“This will make Ruesselsheim the site to exclusively build the two largest and most work-intensive Opel model classes – the Opel flagship Insignia in all its versions and the Zafira Tourer,” Opel said on Wednesday.

Part of Opel’s restructuring plan, the automaker will end production for the Zafira model at its Bochum plant by the end of 2013. By closing this plant Opel hopes to reach profitability in Europe by 2015 and end 15 consecutive years of loses for GM in Europe. Ruesselsheim will continue to manufacture the Zafira for the next and last two years of the model’s life-cycle.

“Opel will fulfill its responsibilities and support the development agency ‘Bochum Prospects 2022′. The goal of this initiative is to search for future solutions for the people in Bochum and the region,” Opel said.

After months of tough negotiations the automaker has finally decided on the faith of the 50-year-old plant, Production of the Zafira MPV will be stopped by the end of this year and the plant will be closed at the end of 2014, leaving 3,000 people without jobs.

Source: Reuters