Opel Plans to Sell 1 Million Vehicles This Year image

GM’s Opel unit plans to sell more than 1 million cars by the end of this year, as it expects a tougher market next year.

“We will surpass the 1 million mark in vehicle sales this year. I am not being a pessimist when I say that we are not expecting any tailwinds from the market next year,” said Opel’s sales chief Alfred Rieck on the sidelines of the Paris Auto Show.

Despite other carmakers which have some hope regarding the years to come, Opel is aware that the next years will only bring fewer customers to showrooms, due to the government’s austerity programmes and the stuttering economies.

Rieck added that the company’ long term focus will be on the customers, making sure that they will not pay twice for the vehicle ‘through low residual values and resale prices that are the direct result from buying market share.’

Last week Opel announced it will offer the German buyers the possibility to return their newly purchased car, if they are not satisfied with it. The program’s slogan is “thrilled or just return it” and it offers German customers a period of 30 days or 3,000 kilometers (1,864 miles) to return their car if they are not convinced by its quality.