Opel Postpones Talks With Labor Union image

According to IG Metall union talks between Opel and its workers which were to take place today, February 11th, have been postponed until the end of the week.

The IG Metall union said that the fact that Opel postponed the discussions is ‘outrageous.’ The talks about the future of Opel’s wokers were to take place today, February 11th, in Russelsheim, but the appointment has been cancelled until the end of this week. Knut Giesler, the North Rhine-Westphalian IG Metall district head, said that this move is outrageous and that the automaker wastes precious time. “We want solutions and engines instead of stagnation.”

Last month GM announced that the Bochum plant might be closed sooner than planed, as the company tries to make more cost cuts. Initially, the plant was to be closed in 2016, but on January 22nd, GM Vice Chairman Stephen Girsky sent a letter to employees saying that the plant might be closed at the end of 2014.

“The situation in the entire European (car) market is still catastrophic,” Girsky wrote in the letter. “That’s a difficult precondition for forthcoming negotiations” with German staff.

He also said that although there are proposals to manufacture the next generation Mokka subcompact here, the automaker’s management will not budge from its plans to shut the plant and lay off 3,000 workers.