Opel readies new Astra to challenge Golf, Focus supremacy image

The German brand has recently presented a preview of the next generation Astra, with the compact model wearing heavy camouflage – though we know the primary antagonists of the model: the VW Golf and Ford Focus.

The European market has the compact segment as one fierce battlefield – the Golf has long held supremacy and the Ford touts the Focus family as the best-selling nameplate on the planet (the title is heavily disputed with Toyota’s Corolla). So, the next Astra, in order to stand a chance, will come with a lightweight architecture, offering more space than its predecessor and being overall more agile. The brand recently published the first official picture with the upcoming model, which is crucial for the General Motors brand that has been losing money for years and is searching for a return to profitability. “It’s awesome. It will redefine the compact segment with German engineering, best-in-class connectivity and emotional design for a very affordable price,” commented chief executive officer Karl-Thomas Neumann. The company has disclosed the new generation Astra will come with overall body dimensions that are blow the current model, but nevertheless the cabin will offer an increase in the available space.

Engineers have also worked hard to lower the overall weight (up to 150 kg) – with dual advantages. The lightweight architecture will bring improvements across the entire dynamic range while also allowing for a lower fuel consumption, the latter efficiency being also assisted by the latest engines. The model will make its official public debut during the fall at the Frankfurt motor show and then reach European dealerships in October. It’s also the first Opel equipped with GM’s OnStar infotainment suite.

Via Automotive News Europe