Opel says Adam, Corsa and Mokka X new generations are expected in 2019 image

The German company is undergoing a deep transformation, with the introduction of the Insignia Grand Sport and the expected arrival of two new crossovers.

But its bread and butter models remain the smaller Adam, Corsa and Mokka X, which are expected to remain as such until 2019. With the Insignia Grand Sport looking up as a successful introduction, the company is already setting its sights on the future – where in the next few years it will continue to deliver new and refreshed products for virtually every segment. First will be the Mokka and Mokka X, the small crossover expecting replacement through an all-new generation in 2019 that will be produced at the Opel factory in Eisenach, Germany. Since it’s still a long way to go, there are no details about powertrain options or styling, yet.

Following the subcompact crossover’s new generation, Opel will also deliver new generations for the Corsa hatchback and Adam supermini. Both will share the assembly line at the Zaragoza facility Spain, both featuring a new roster of powertrains and features. “The revised allocations will make production considerably more efficient,” said Philip R. Kienle, Vice President Manufacturing at Opel. “The focused allocation of individual cars to a production site enables synergies in assembly and improved logistics coordination. We are taking an important step towards the future.”