Opel says the Astra is even more popular thanks to LED technology image

Revealed almost two years ago in 2015 and already the European Car of the Year for 2016, the Astra K has been a success for Opel – according to the manufacturer also thanks to its optional IntelliLux LED matrix lights.

Apparently in Germany – of course the top market for the model – no less than 33 percent of customers decided to coin in and get the IntelliLux full-LED matrix headlights that have 8 individual LED segments in each cluster (they are also adaptive). The option is even wider appreciated in Austria where north of 40 percent of buyers went for the LEDs, and so happened in Switzerland as well where the count surged to around 45 percent. Anyways, the most popular place for the LED lights was in Norway – where winter night parties might get easier with 84 percent of the Astra Ks getting the “lighting technology of the future.”

Instead of Astra J’s bi-xenon adaptive headlights, the new full-LED assembly will automatically modify the length and distribution of the light beam according to the appropriate traffic situation. The high beam is also automatic and will even individually deactivate LEDs when potentially dazzling the other road participants. The new Insignia Grand Sport is now featuring an evolution of the IntelliLux LED, with 32 segments instead of 16 like on the Astra. The engineers from Rüsselsheim say this will increase precision as well as provide more light.