Opel showcases GT Concept interior – has no buttons image

The German automaker recently presented its all new GT Concept that will receive its world premiere in front of the Geneva Motor Show audience – and now we have additional images that also better depict the interior.

The prototype that has been called upon to “revolutionize” Opel is even more desirable now thanks to its high-tech, buttonless interior – it really eschews the conventional treatment with buttons and knobs with Opel managing to keep the cabin just as clean and pure as the exterior. Meanwhile, the simple/minimalist concept for the interior design is also futuristic and reminiscent of the overall concept treatment – emphasizing even more the ultra-low weight of less than 2,204 pounds (1,000 kilograms). The instrument panel is machined out of brushed aluminum and uses a floating design – and it even has round monitors shaped to resemble air jets at its extremities. They are used in lieu of the conventional mirrors and provide footage from the side cameras.

The steering wheel is both retro and futuristic and is also a link to the original Opel GT while the seatbelt retractors have been painted red to link to the theme of the front tires (also dressed in red). All functions can be accessed using voice control or from the central touchpad. The German automaker added the concept’s human machine interface (HMI) is adaptable, so the car can automatically adjust depending to who’s behind the wheel. The two round dials of the instrument cluster are in fact projection surfaces and as such can show changing information. The concept powered by a turbocharged three-cylinder engine cranking up 145 hp and able to hit 62 miles (100 kilometers) per hour in under eight seconds and a top speed of 133 mph (215 km/h) will not see the light of day as a production series vehicle.