Opel stops production in Eisenach for another week image

After the weakening demand in the European car market forced Opel’s production plant in Eisenach to stop manufacturing cars for a week in October, from November 11 the workers will close shop for another five days.

The stoppage has been confirmed by Opel spokesman Ulrich Weber: “This is not a short-time work shift, as will be a production adjustment involved. This is now part of our working time model, that is, the employee will usually pay off their credit hours..”

Earlier this month, the Opel’s parent General Motors scaled back production for the small car Adam in the plant. Although the very small model Adam is seen throughout Europe as one of the smartest cars, especially in Spain, Italy or France it’s not running really well.

And now, the reason for the Eisenach plant stop is that its primary model, the Corsa, is also not doing very well. Between January and August this year, there has been a decline of 20,000 units, as demand especially in southern Europe is still weak, mainly in the small car segment.