Opel takes back cars from unsatisfied customers in Germany image

General Motors’ European subsidiary Opel is offering German consumers the chance to return their brand new car free of charge if they are not satisfied with it.

In an attempt to repair its sickly brand image, Opel allows customers to return their cars after a maximum 30 days or 3,000 kilometers. Under the slogan “thrilled or just return it”, the offer is only valid in Germany, for all Opel models.

“We want to win new fans of the brand with this deal. Whoever drives our cars for the first time will quickly be convinced of the quality and innovation of our cars,” Opel chief Thomas Sedran said in a statement.

According to a company spokesman, the campaign will last until further notice and no, there are no plans at present to extend the offer outside of Germany. Opel has suffered in particular from a “loser image” among German consumers who have seen the company go through multiple restructurings and even a failed disposal in 2009. Executives have admitted that the Opel brand is heavily tarnished in Germany.

Assuming Opel customers don’t damage the car, the carmaker only plans to send a symbolic bill if the car is returned with many kilometers. For every 1,000 kilometers driven, customers will be charged 0.67 percent of the retail price. For a 25,000 euro car, that would be approximately 167 euros.