Opel to launch new 136 HP 1.6L diesel engine image

The German based automaker Opel is planning to launch a new 1.6 liter diesel engine which should produce a total output of 136 horsepower.

The new diesel engine to be developed by Opel it will be part of a new engine family, called the MDE, and it will eventually replace the current 1.7 liter diesel and 2.0 liter diesel units. The brand new engine will be available with a few outputs and the first one to make its way onto the market will be offering 136 HP and 320 Nm of torque. The 1.6L diesel will be 10 percent more economic than the current 2.0 liter and it will also be quieter.

The brand new 1.6 liter diesel engine to make its way onto future Opel models will comply with the Euro 6 emission standards and it has been developed in Torino, in Russelsheim and in the United States by General Motors’ engineers. The engine will be produced in Hungary, at the Szentgotthard plant, and the first model to receive it will be the Zafira Tourer, which will eventually drop the 2.0 CDTI from its lineup. The current 2.0 liter diesel engine is producing 130 HP and 300 Nm of torque, burning 5.2 liters of fuel every 100 km.

Source: Auto Express