Opel to return to full capacity in Spain from 2013 image

General Motors (GM)’s European arm – Opel may return to full capacity at its Spanish factory in Figueruelas from 2013, when the automaker will start producing the new 213 Corsa model, the head of European operations for its U.S. parent General Motor Co told newspaper Expansion.

“The new generation of Corsa will be made in Spain and it will arrive that year (2013),” GM Europe President Nick Reilly said in an interview published on Monday. “GM’s intention is to maintain the plant at full capacity.”

Since 1999 Opel lost $14.5 billion, but now looks like the European automaker has become profitable.

General Motors CEO Dan Akerson pronounced that the long-struggling Opel organization had earned $102 million in the second quarter before factoring in taxes and interest.

Zaragoza, Spain plant was opened for the first time in 1982. It produces Corsa (3-door, 5-door), Corsavan and Meriva models. It has about 6.500 employs.

Opel sells vehicles in more than 40 markets worldwide. The company’s factory in Rüsselsheim has been transformed to one of the most modern plants in the world for €750 million and started production in 2002.

Other Opel plants are in Bochum, Eisenach, and Kaiserslautern, Germany; Vienna/Aspern, Austria; Szentgotthard, Hungary; Zaragoza, Spain; Gliwice, Poland; Ellesmere Port, and Luton, UK. The Dudenhofen Test Center is located near the Rüsselsheim headquarters.