Opel Vivaro Life is your “motel on wheels” image

Surely camping cars are a pain for hotel and motel owners all around the world, but great business for automakers and caravan converters – and they just revealed one more “friend for the party”, the Opel Vivaro Life.

Versatility is a primary target for such modifications, so the new Vivaro Life gets a built-in bed, along with individual second-row swiveling seats as standard perks. In just seconds you can transform the rail-mounted seat bench part of the third row into a two-person cozy bed, meaning you could spend the weekend in the great outdoors without worrying about overnight accommodation. The new Vivaro Life also comes loaded with all the necessary features that make such vehicles utterly practical – folding table between the second and third rows, auxiliary heating for camping during the Christmas vacation, two USB ports and a 220-volt plug for recharging various devices.

Opel Vivaro Life is your “motel on wheels” 4

The standard front seats are six-way adjustable, pack armrests and overall privacy is guaranteed thanks to the extra tinted windows, with automatic climate control to make sure temperature always stays at the sweet point. Opel also puts inside the Vivaro Life its seven-inch IntelliLink infotainment system, complete with real-time traffic information and support for voice control. The model can even be optioned with leather upholstery and the Irmscher Style Pack, which includes glossy black accents on the side mirror caps, door and tailgate handles, plus two-tone 17-inch alloy wheels.