Opel will have a fully autonomous test vehicle next year image

The PSA group is looking decidedly ready to recuperate the distance between itself and other global automakers that are more advanced in the autonomous segment.

The Peugeot brand is getting ready to start self-driving trials in Singapore this fall with help from partners nuTonomy, while the first brand to offer on a series model a semi-autonomous system will actually be the group’s youngest – DS, on the flagship DS 7 Crossback SUV. Opel – now also a member of PSA – is also hard at work developing and researching the technology for autonomous driving. Opel is involved with “Ko-HAF – Kooperatives hochautomatisiertes Fahren”, a German project working on cooperative highly automated driving, which kicked off back in June 2015 and will come to a conclusion in November next year. And they will finish strong – a demonstration of an autonomous Opel prototype on public streets, to happen in September 2018.

Opel is working on computerized maps and the process of disengaging the car from the automated driving status to return the control to the human operator, but they also develop software and a system of sensors to detect and classify the driver’s actions while the car is in robot mode. The goal for the Russelsheim brand is to create a prototype capable of autonomous driving on the motorway, including merging and exit.