Opel Will Manufacture the Next-Generation Mokka in Europe image

Opel announced it will manufacture the next-generation Mokka subcompact crossover not in Korea, where the current model in built, but in Europe.

“The next Mokka will be built in Europe,” said Thomas Sedran, Opel’s board member in charge of strategy.

Opel is now considering which other models could be manufactured in Europe and Korea, including the Europe-built Agila small minivan and the Korea-built Antara medium SUV. Sedran also sees some new opportunities for the rebadged Opel models in China, and said that the company is considering the advantages of offering the Cascada mid-sized convertible, which Buick unveiled at the Geneva auto show.

“We are now discussing the option of exporting the Cascada to China as a Buick. There is a request from GM on this,” Sedran said, adding that this would not involve large volumes. “There is a market for cars ‘Made in Germany.’ The sky is not the limit, but 30,000 to 40,000 units a year might be possible.”

The Cascada could be the perfect replacement for the Riviera and fill the gap in Buick’s portfolio. The US automaker has already rebadged Opel’s Astra compact as the Excelle, the Mokka as the Encore and the Insignia as the Buick Regal.