Opel Will Not Eliminate Engineering Jobs from Ruesselsheim Centre image

Opel does not plan to eliminate engineering jobs from its Ruesselsheim development centre due to the cooperation with Peugeot.

“GM/Opel and PSA have made it clear that they want to work together in various areas, including product development. No jobs will be lost in the Opel technical development centre, however joint projects are divvied up concretely in the end, ” Chief Executive Karl-Friedrich Stracke said in a statement.

Opel worked hard to get back on track and return to profitability taking into consideration the difficult European market conditions. The development centre employs about 6,500 workers including design and powertrain engineering. Not long time ago German magazine Der Spiegel said that several hundred engineering employees at ITEZ were about to be laid off to allow the next Zafira MPV to be developed by Peugeot.

“Whatever the final split will be among the agreed common projects, no jobs will be lost in the engineering center in Ruesselsheim due to the alliance, in fact, the nature of the alliance is that it is a balanced one”, said Stracke.

In 2011 Zafira compact model was Opel’s fifth best sold model in Europe, reaching sales of 72,064 units, down 19.6% compared to 2010.