Opel’s Adam Features Siri’s Eyes Free System image

This week Opel announced it will fit the New Adam model with Apple’s hands-free in-car system.

Adam is Opel’s compact, entry-level car, which comes with a base price of $15,000. The steering wheel is fitted with a button which activate Siri’s EyesFree mode, allowing drivers to dictate emails and texts, messages, get mapped directions, initiate calls and even play songs without having to take their hands off from the steering wheel. The vehicle comes equipped with a dock to mount a gadget such as an iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini or the fourth-generation iPod touch.

Earlier this year GM became the first to add Siri EyesFree in two models, both entry-level: the Sonic and the Spark. The Siri EyesFree will also be seen in all BMW models, as well as the new Ferrari. The two vehicles are already available with MyLink, an infotainment system that integrates with the driver’s smartphone.

Eyes Free should resemble how other hands-free packages work on automobiles. An Eyes Free button will be included on the steering wheel, so users can activate and speak to any iPhone or iPad that is connected over Bluetooth. Siri will do all the processing work.

Source: gigaom.com