Opel’s AFL LED technology now available for the Zafira and Mokka X image

What we have here is the cooler and safer Opel Adaptive Front Light LED technology, which has been now made available for the Zafira MPV and Mokka X crossover.

Premiering on the Astra family, the AFL LED technology (first seen in its adaptive form on the Peugeot 308) is now also making its way onto a couple of other popular choices in the Opel range – the all-new Zafira and the facelifted Mokka X. Opel has refrained from cutting any corner and the AFL LED tech comes with nine individual services or lighting patterns – including Town Light, Country Light, and Stop Mode Light, which are tasked to optimize the lighting pattern and conserving energy.

Opel’s AFL LED technology now available for the Zafira and Mokka X 1

Instead of the Mercedes tech, which moves the parts as it needs, or other versions where some of the individual LEDs are turned off, the Opel tech uses preset lighting patterns. The Cornerign mode, for example, does use an additional left or right LED to deliver more light in the direction of travel – coming on when the turn signal is on or if the steering moves under 40 km/h. The Maneuver Light works at under 7 km/h when… well, you’re maneuvering. The main settings go off above or below 55 km/h – we have the Town Light for urban use and the Country Light which is used to extend the illumination range. “The widespread availability of intelligent LED technology is the best way to significantly reduce the risks of nighttime driving,” comments William F. Bertagni, Vice President of Vehicle Engineering Europe at Opel.