Opel’s Calibra sports coupe celebrates 25 years of existance image

The German automaker is now celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Calibra model, taking the road of nostalgia to honor the iconic coupe.

The highly aerodynamic model was first presented during the 1989 Frankfurt Motor Show, and had – for that time – the best Cd value (0.26) among series produced cars. With an affordable price tag for the entry-level Calibra (33, 900 German marks delivered a 115 hp engine), the sports model sold a total of 238,647 units over seven years of production. It even had a good motorsport run, with the Calibra V6 with all-wheel drive claiming the top position to win the 1996 ITC Championship.

Besides the affordable entry-level 2.0-liter unit that produced 115 hp and allowed the Calibra to achieve a top speed of 203 km/h (126 mph), there was a technically advanced four-valve version that delivered 150 hp and assisted the Calibra to a maximum speed of 223 km/h (138 mph). Both engines could be mated to an all-wheel drive traction system and in 1992 Opel also introduced the Claibra Turbo – the turbocharged 2.0-liter engine now had 204 hp and was mated to a six-speed manual that delivered the power to the all-wheel drive system. The Calibra was also offered with a noble, 2.5-liter V6 configuration, boasting 170 hp.

The acclaimed sports car ended series production at the two factories – the main plant in Rüsselsheim and Valmet’s Uusikaupunki, Finland facility – on August 29, 1997.