Opel’s CEO wants to put an end to overlap with Chevy in Europe image

Opel CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann says his automaker and sister brand Chevrolet must be distinct from one another and be allowed to develop separately in Europe.

When asked to provide details on how this will be done, Neumann said: “We’re working on it and at the right point we will talk about it.” Neumann’s comments also echo what General Motors CEO Dan Akerson recently said when asked about his plans to differentiate the two GM brands in Europe.

Akerson is frustrated by the “confusing” overlap between Opel and Chevrolet in Europe. Akerson likened the conflict between Opel and Chevrolet to “retro GM,” when the automaker’s U.S. market strategy was cluttered with overlapping brands.

“There is a lot of scope to improve the market positioning of Opel and Chevrolet,” Neumann said. “To better reach out to our target groups, we must separate the brands more clearly from one another. We are working on that,” Neumann added during his presentation at the Automobilwoche Congress in Berlin.

The remarks from both Akerson and Neumann contrast with those of Chevrolet Europe boss Thomas Sedran, who said at the Frankfurt auto show in September that there is “very little interaction between” the two brands.

Despite several years of trying to move Opel upmarket and attempts to boost Chevrolet’s growth in the region as an entry-level player, both brands continue to be seen as similarly positioned, mainstream marques.

Via Automotive News Europe