Oracle founder Larry Ellison usually rewards employees and friends with the Acura/Honda NSX image

Last week, the Oracle founder stepped down from his role as CEO to become the chairman and CTO and it’s time we remembered the real-life counterpart of Marvel’s Iron Man is a true gearhead.

Anyone knowing a little something about the trials and tribulations of Ellison (four times married and divorced) has for sure heard about his adventures: he has mansions all over the world, he’s an accomplished pilot that keeps in his hangar a Marchetti military aircraft next to a Gulfstream V, he owns many boats and enjoys competitive sailing and he even owns a Hawaiian island. Actually, books have been written about him already, so there’s no use digging deeper now.

We’ll just refer to his long-lasting love for Japanese culture – his prized yachting possession was once the 500-foot-long Rising Sun, besides the 290-foot Musashi. He also owns around 500 pieces of Japanese art and an $86 million villa in Kyoto, Japan.

So, once more, the Japanese setting is established. So, no wonder we come to the Acura/Honda NSX. Ellison bought the vintage supercar –produced for 15 years between 1990 and 2005 – every year of its production run, with the Oracle founder gifting some of them to friends and top employees. That means that each year, the four-wheeled vehicle had a regular customer – Ellison.

No argument on the decision – back in the 1980s Honda was the top dog in motorsport and the iconic Acura/Honda NSX represented the quintessential Japanese supercar back in the day. Expect not Ellision to follow on his tradition when the model is finally brought back to life by the Japanese automaker.

Via Business Insider