The new Porsche Cayenne, the first hybrid Porsche, attracted orders that beat expectations, according to CEO Michael Macht.

“We’re looking at an incredibly high order intake from almost all markets,” Macht told reporters at the company’s factory in Leipzig, Germany. “Orders are clearly exceeding our expectations.”

Those expectations, however, are still an unknown, as Macht wouldn’t provide any sales projections for the new Cayenne.

Still, Porsche is hoping the 2011 Cayenne will increase its momentum in the marketplace. After watching its first quarter sales in 2009 drop by nearly 40 percent, Porsche witnessed a strong second half, where sales fell by about 1.7 percent.
The 2011 Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid is powered by a 333-hp 3 liter supercharged V6 gasoline engine mated to a 47-hp electric-motor, allowing it to produce a total output of 380-hp and a maximum torque of 427 b-ft. Porsche says that that allows the same performance level of a V8 engine while increasing fuel-economy by 20 percent.


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