Original Batmobile, from 1963, sold for just $137,000 at US auction image

When it comes to collectibles associated to the black cape crusader, this one should be treated as a junkyard sales bargain – especially if we consider how much a George Barris-replica usually costs.

On Saturday, during an auction that saw for the first time the 1963 Batmobile, a replica of the sleek black ride used by the DC Comics superhero, up for grabs – the model fetched just $137,000. That’s probably also because the model was returned to its former glory for the first time since it was cast off and forgotten decades ago – the widely-known George Barris version used in the popular 1960s TV show fetched last year $4.2 million. According to Margaret Barrett, director of entertainment and music at Dallas-based Heritage Auctions, Toy Car Exchange LLC, an online marketplace for collectible cars, which bought the original and restored it from the grounds up, sold the car.

This particular model, from 1963, has been created by Forrest Robinson, a Batman fan who needed three years to complete the customization of a 1956 Oldsmobile 88 with a 324 Rocket engine – the completed work was highly reminiscent of the single-fin vehicle shown in DC’s Batman Comics from the 1940s and 1950s. His Batmobile was finished before George Barris started developing the famed Batmobile for the ABC TV series “Batman,” which ran for three seasons until 1968.

Via Reuters