Out of the world concept for electric autonomous racer introduced by Roborace image

This futuristic prototype looks as if directly snatched from the latest young science fiction movie franchise – as the fully electric track ready car is actually devoid of the ubiquitous driver’s seat.

The company behind it – Roborace – is interested only in autonomous technology. This concept has been penned by Daniel Simon, who was responsible for the creation of the HRT Formula 1 car livery used in the 2011 season. But he may be more renown for the work he performed on the set of the Tron: Legacy and Oblivion movies, where he was in charge of the futuristic cars. Roborace will be used as a support category for the Formula E championship and will be brought to life during the 2016/17 season with 10 teams (including one crowd-sourced) that will each be operating two cars – just like any regular Formula E or Formula One team. The competition will consist of one-hour races during each Formula E ePrix and all of the vehicles will remain the same – the difference will be brought by the implemented software governing the electronic mind of the cars.

Of course they may be some reluctance towards such a series where the driver is nowhere to be found but human factor will remain preponderant here as well as engineers working on autonomous driving technologies will be able to test them for use in upcoming street-legal driverless vehicles. Roborace also wants to be more than a rumble between radio-controlled cars, as the vehicles will be programmed to interact with each other – complex software will be needed to keep them from crashing into each other and also be able to implement a strategy needed to reach the top of the pack.